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What Is The Skill To Distinguish The Quality Of The Cold Drawn Round Steel?
- Apr 20, 2018 -

Would you like to know the quality of the 45# cold drawn round steel? Only through the corresponding discriminant analysis can be identified, the relevant skills have the following points for your reference.

Starting from the original raw material of the cold drawn round steel group, the raw paper Adobe in the cold drawn round steel is prone to cracks and cracks on the surface after the cold pull is subjected to the stress. Due to the limitation of equipment and technology, the appearance of poor cold drawn round steel is often wavy, and burr is also prone to reduce the strength of round steel.

From the view of its packaging, the fake and cold drawn round steel products are generally loosely packed, with an elliptical shape on the side, and there are no strict or even none in the trademark printing. The internal diameter of the products with poor quality is very volatile, which can easily lead to the fracture of the round steel because of the uneven force, and its horizontal bar is thin and low, and it often appears dissatisfied.