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What Is The Difference Between Galvanizing And Hot-dip Galvanizing?
- Apr 03, 2018 -

Besides hot-dip galvanizing is the main way of steel section anticorrosion process, there is another technology that you can try, that is galvanizing. It is not much worse than hot dip galvanizing process, but after all, there are two ways, so we must grasp it separately.

In the process of electrogalvanizing treatment of the type steel, it is necessary to emphasize the steps of the operation. The order must not be disorderly, otherwise it will cause serious consequences; and it is to clean with water between each process. Before the galvanized steel is galvanized, it is first to be hot treated with hot water to achieve the effect of degreasing; then we need to carry out the acid pickling; after that, the electrolytic degreasing should be carried out to achieve the ideal effect.

This is not the end. Next is acid neutralization. The preparation for zinc plating is completed before the zinc plating can be carried out. After the completion of the core technology, the light passivation treatment is needed, followed by closed and drying, etc., and can be put into operation only if the inspection is qualified.