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What Is An Electrical Metal Tube?
- Mar 30, 2018 -

The electrical metal tube (EMT) is a lightweight, used to wrap the wire conduit in the structure. Although there are some other pipe materials, this type is one of the more common choices by the contractor, as it is more cost efficient than similar materials. Steel and aluminum are used to make the two main choices of pipes, and in many cases it is galvanized with zinc coating to keep corrosion resistant. EMT is not connected to the other options in many electric tubes, but both ends are mounted on the fixture.

The tube is the most popular choice for indoor and outdoor use, as it is the lightest steel packing in the market. Because it is a premium metal structure, which controls the creation of the whole way. In fact, many areas specify that EMT must use power flow that meets the building standard. Non-metallic pipes are also more vulnerable to moisture, which is a very dangerous free flow of electricity. The effects of exposure to chemical vapor or the protective effect of accidental blunt force are also used for this pipe, and even the light metal plating is better than at all.

Another reason for the builders to use electrical metal tubes over many other materials is easy to install. Construction workers often have a very small space to install the functions inside the tube, and some of the replacement bulky is more difficult to handle. In the crawlspaces or attic, the elevator manufacturer's product can be installed fast, efficient, safe and threaded interlocking. Because EMT also has a certain flexibility, it can be installed in the whole other field, otherwise it will be impossible. Another advantage is that it is often galvanized, and it is also suitable for the installation of outdoor environment.

The electrical metal tube also has its drawbacks, and it is not recommended for every possible application. When a large series of wires is used, for example, contractors may prefer to use rigid metal conduit (RMC) or galvanized metal conduit (GMC) to provide excellent protection. The field needs multiple bending and curves, which may be better suited to soft metal tube (FMT) or flexible metal conduit (FMC), because they can operate at almost any angle, but remain stable. Residential buildings are not often wired with tubing in this form, it is mainly used in commercial buildings.