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What Are The Factors Related To The Quenching Distortion Of Cold Drawn Steel?
- Apr 19, 2018 -

The distortion of cold drawn steel is due to quenching, but for quenching distortion, the hardenability of the material is very important, but more important is the steel hardenability bandwidth, that is, the degree of hardenability fluctuation. What factors are determined by this aspect?

First, the quality of the material of the cold drawing steel is related to the quality of the material, and the second is the degree of its bending, that is, the size of the radius. Besides, it is not related to the core shaft. If the quality of the cold drawn steel is not up to the standard, even if the degree of bending is in a reasonable range, it will also have a series of defects, and if the cold drawn steel is too large to bend and the radius is too small, even the excellent quality cold drawing steel may have cracks or folds, of course, if the cold drawing steel wants to bend. The radius is small, must wear the core axis.

Recently, a kind of moulded induction hardening technology has been developed abroad, which is specially used to solve the problem of quenching distortion, and has a good effect. Moreover, because induction hardening is quenched with water-based coolant, the heat treated steel need not be cleaned.