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The Successively Of Each Connection Mode Of Cold Bending Z Steel
- Apr 07, 2018 -

Cold bending Z steel should be familiar to all. It is a basic component made of steel plate, type steel and so on. This kind of workpiece will generally make up the whole structure through the installation connection. It can be seen that the connection in the application process of cold bending Z steel is very important, which has a direct impact on the manufacturing, installation, economy and performance of cold bending Z steel.

Since it is so important, the basic principles such as safety, steel production, simple construction, convenient manufacturing and installation should be observed when the cold bending Z type steel is designed for connection. Referring to the above principles, there are three ways to connect, which are weld connection, bolt connection and rivet connection.

In these three ways of connection, the earliest common bolt connection is always a very important way to install and connect. After that, the rivet connection was developed and the leading way in the cold bending Z type steel connection was developed. The final appearance was the weld joint. With the improvement of the technology, the main connection method of the cold bending Z type steel was replaced gradually with the rivet connection.