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The Processing Quality Of C Steel Can Be Guaranteed By C Type Steel Machine
- Apr 19, 2018 -

In the processing requirements of C steel, the thickness has also been clearly stipulated, in addition to meet the actual needs, and uniform wall thickness. To achieve this goal, not only the processing technology is improved, but also the processing equipment has to be upgraded.

The C steel machine is recommended here. When the material enters the machine, it will be pressed by all kinds of press rolls, and finally the C section steel will be formed after the output. In other words, since the use of such a professional equipment, not only the original production processing technology has been greatly optimized, but also improved production efficiency, to ensure the uniformity of the wall thickness of C steel products also have great help.

The reason why this effect is achieved is that the C type steel machine is used in conjunction with the corresponding mold. The mold used here is made up of an accurate upper die and some lower dies with the same size and size. As long as it is installed in place and the four peripheral clearance is uniform, the upper die and the lower die can be smoothly combined, and the processing of high quality C steel can be completed.