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Performance Change Of Bearing Steel With Cold Drawn Seamless Tube Material
- Mar 28, 2018 -

Seamless pipes, like many other products, are made by cold drawing process, but in order to get excellent performance, the choice of materials is very particular. In most cases, the seamless steel pipe is bearing steel, which makes use of some characteristics of its own, so that the cold drawing pipe can be perfectly formed. What we need to focus on is the change in the material in this process.

Compared to other materials, bearing steel is a kind of high deformation resistance and is sensitive to the temperature of the material, so that if there is any one in the process of cold drawing process did not grasp properly, are likely to produce deformation, thereby reducing the quality of products, affecting its further use.

The wall thickness is limited due to the effect of the capacity constraints on the sizing machine and the straightener when the bearing steel is produced. With the high deformation resistance at low temperature and the increase of rolling force and straightening force, the cold pulling force will cause the lateral deformation of the bearing tube. In order to avoid the occurrence of similar problems, the bearing steel should be cooled properly after the cold pull, so that the temperature of the workpiece can be controlled.

The purpose of rapid cooling is simple, that is, in order to prevent the precipitation of carbide in cold drawn products, if we want to achieve this, we will set fans or sprays on the bed or the cooling bed device in the unit.