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New Robots Put To Work At Steel Of West Virginia
- Nov 07, 2017 -

“We’ve been using robots for fixed-point welding for years,” Duke says. What’s different now, he explains, is that the plant has installed a new generation of sophisticated robots designed to assist in the production of truck trailer cross members — a part Steel of West Virginia manufactures millions of every year. 

“When they’re completed some cross members are galvanized, and it’s great. We now have that facility down at Wurtland,” he says. “But the majority of them are wax coated. Why wax them? Think about it. Those cross members are underneath the truck where rocks come up and hit them. A hard coating, an enamel coating, would chip. A wax coating self heals. So we have a wax coating line. We’ve had it for decades and probably put close to 55 million cross members through there.” 

Until now the cross members had to be moved on and off the line by hand. Now the robots have taken over that task.