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How To Improve The Appearance Of The Flexible Metal Electrical Conduit?
- Jan 26, 2018 -

In actual production, we often encounter many, many problems, such as flexible pipe thread too tight poor flexibility, the appearance of spit white no shine, control flexible metal wire protective sleeve (flexible electrical conduit) JG / T3053 -1998 standards do not have such a requirement, but the actual sales process customers often mention the tube is not bright, ugly appearance, sales will encounter bottlenecks, product promotion is hindered. So how to improve the product's light performance?

Our program specifically the following:

1. Solve the problem of flexible electrical products, raw materials, we are buying the steel strip manufacturers prices higher than the market price of 30%.

2. Solve the problem of cooling water, we use high-quality grease in the flexible tube surface to form a light protective film to solve the problem of long time discoloration

3. The quality of our pipe products imported from German technology is better.

4. We use oven technology, increased costs, but product performance greatly improved

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