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The Forming Of The Zinc-plated Bending Pipe?
- Jun 08, 2017 -

First of all, we must understand the concrete conditions of the bending of galvanized pipe: When the pipe is bent, the material will become shorter and thicker while the inner side of the pipe is subjected to the compressive stress.
The shear stress on the inner and outer wall of the tube is under the action of normal force, the pipe cross-section in the bending area is deformed by the normal pressure effect, i.e. the normal diameter decreases, and the transverse diameter becomes larger, and the pipe wall become uneven, and the tube becomes the approximate elliptical tube.
Secondly, the structure of the manual pipe Bender We envisage that a model will always control the entire deformation process of the tubing, produce a reverse deformation force on the pipe, and limit its transverse and normal deformation so as to achieve the ultimate purpose of flat galvanized pipe.