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What is a high-pressure flexible composite tube?
- Jun 08, 2017 -

High-pressure flexible composite pipe is a kind of polymer composite made of a certain high-strength, high pressure, corrosion resistance, scaling resistance, small friction coefficient, light weight, good thermal insulation, good flexibility, a kind of oil and gas industry pipe fitting which has the characteristics of good adiabatic performance, high conveying pressure and long service life, can effectively solve the problem of easy corrosion of metal pipelines, and overcomes the defects of non corrosion resistance and poor mechanical performance of nonmetal pipelines, especially in buried pipeline engineering.
In line with the call for environmental protection advocated by the international community and fully embodies the renewable utilization of resources, can be suitable for small batches and diverse production methods, flexible and changeable, sustainable improvement, can be reused, reasonable use of the site, reduce waste, improve the environment, reduce costs, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, product performance is much better than the traditional steel pipe and glass tube, the application potential is enormous.