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The difference of conduit between hot dipped galvanized and pre galvanized
- Jul 04, 2017 -

Hot-dipped galvanizing EMT conduit: also known as hot-dip zinc and hot dipped galvanize, is an effective way of metal corrosion, mainly used in various sectors of the metal structure facilities. Is the rust after the steel immersed in about 500 ℃ melting zinc solution, so that the steel surface attached to the zinc layer, which play the purpose of corrosion.

Pre -galvanized EMT conduit: that is, galvanized, the amount of zinc is less, only 50-80g / m2, is the use of electrolysis to metal or other materials on the surface of a layer of metal film attached to the process. The formation of uniform, dense, good adhesion of the metal layer of the process can play to prevent corrosion, improve wear resistance, conductivity, reflective and enhance the role of aesthetics.


There is 5 distinctions as follows:


1.the way the operation is different: hot-dipped galvanized in the 450-480 degrees melting zinc solution plated zinc, pre -galvanized is at room temperature by plating or other methods of plating zinc.

2. corrosion resistance is different, hot galvanized is a few times the pre -galvanized.

3. the surface smoothness is different,pre- galvanized appearance than hot dipped galvanized smooth look good.

4.The thickness of the galvanized layer is different, the thickness of the hot-dipped galvanizing is much larger than that of the pre -galvanized.

5.Pre- galvanized can be plated only one side, hot dipped galvanized full plating.

6.Prices are different, hot dipped galvanized prices higher than pre- galvanized.

7.Adhesion is different,pre- galvanized adhesion is not hot dipped galvanized


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