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The difference between C type steel and channel steel
- Jan 12, 2018 -

First, from the perspective of the production process, compared to C steel and C steel of traditional channels, the same strength can save 30% of the material, it must be said that this is the C type steel a great advantage, the reason is that the C type steel after cold bending of hot coil and the thin wall, light weight, cross section the properties and advantages, and the strength is very high.

We also know the channel is hot rolling production, the thickness is relatively large, and there is a steel factory direct supply of goods; but it is a C cold strip steel production (although there are hot strip production), the thickness is very thin compared to the channel, and in general is a steel factory for the goods.

And from their classification, there are also great differences. In general, the channel steel can be divided into ordinary channel steel and light channel steel. The specification of hot rolled ordinary channel steel is 5-40#. The specification of hot rolled and variable channel steel supplied by both suppliers and suppliers is 6.5-30#. While channel according to the shape can be divided into 4 kinds: cold bending equilateral channels, cold-formed non equilateral channel steel, cold rolled edge channels, the cold bending edge channels. But the C type is divided into: galvanized steel C steel, hot galvanized cable tray C steel, glass curtain wall C steel, C steel, equilateral edge type C steel roof (wall) purlin C steel, C steel and automobile profile. In this way, the difference between the C steel and the channel steel is very obvious from the point of view.

Finally, one of the most easily distinguishable types of C steel and channel steel is their cross section shape. C type steel stands for cold rolling edge channel, thus we can know that the cross section of C type steel is a rolled edge, and the channel is straight edge, from this point on, C steel and steel are easy to distinguish.

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