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Characteristics of Galvanized Elbow
- Jun 08, 2017 -

1. Light weight;
2. Good heat resistance: when working water temperature of 70 degrees, softening temperature of 140 degrees;
3. High resistance: Because of its unique impact strength performance than other real wall tube has improved significantly, the ring stiffness is equivalent to 1.3 times times the solid wall;
4. Galvanized Pipe service life long: pipe in the rated use of temperature and pressure, the service life of more than 50 years, with Anti-ultraviolet, anti-radiation, so that products never fade;
55 Corrosion resistance is good: In addition to a few hydrogenated agents, can withstand a variety of chemical media erosion, with excellent acid, alkali, corrosion resistance, will not rust, will not corrode, will not breed bacteria, without electrochemical corrosion.